Transforming Healthcare on the Hudson

The patient pavilion at Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Opening in 2021, the new pavilion will enhance our ability to grow advanced clinical programs and support our high standards for quality, patient safety and patient experience. The pavilion will allow us to transform the care experience for patients and their families in the Mid-Hudson Valley. We’re proud of this important contribution to the City of Poughkeepsie’s ongoing renaissance.



The picturesque 752,000-square-foot patient pavilion located adjacent to Route 9 and the Hudson River adds an eight-level addition to the existing medical center and features:

  • 264 private patient rooms featuring:
    • a beautiful river and garden view
    • bathrooms
    • spacious visitor lounges
    • a guest sofa area, equipped with a TV
  • 30 private intensive care rooms with a bathroom and internal blinds for privacy
  • 66 exam rooms in the new emergency department and trauma center features:
    • 3 state-of-the-art Trauma Rooms
    • a pediatric-friendly area
    • an ambulance garage that will allowing patients to be transferred into the center without exposure to inclement weather
  • 15 state-of-the-art operating rooms including:
    • a post-anesthesia care unit and pre- and post-operative area that are accessible from a first-floor waiting room so you can greet your loved one after their surgery.
  • helicopter landing pad on the roof designed with speed in mind, to quickly transport adult and pediatric patients with life-threatening conditions.

The first floor opens to the grand concourse and main lobby where you can access:

  • a 220-seat cafeteria that includes a:
    • station for hot food and sandwiches
    • pizza oven
    • soup and salad bar
    • coffee and expresso bar
    • public terrace, offering outdoor dining and exterior seating
  • four dedicated elevators for you that run from the underground parking lot to the four patient floors
  • an outdoor public terrace that overlooks the Hudson River
  • a footbridge connecting to the emergency and trauma center
  • the meditation room
  • a conference center with space to accommodate up to 300 people
  • an enclosed waiting room for families with loved ones undergoing surgery featuring a:
    • tracking board for progress updates
    • direct access, via elevator, to the second floor pre- and post-surgery area

There are distinct entrances for patients coming for:

  • a stay of at least one night
  • same-day services
  • an emergency

The building also features separate staff and public elevators to enhance your experience while also addressing essential infection control practices. Connecting corridors to the legacy hospital are located on the first and second floors.


April 2017 – Breaking Ground

September 2018

April 2019

October 2020


Environmental Impact

The new pavilion has been designed to meet community needs while keeping the environment in mind.

  • Solar Shading – Special window coverings offer patients shade and privacy without compromising Hudson River views.
  • Improved Public Transit Access – New bus stops, including bus shelters closer to the campus, provide patients easier access to public transit.
  • Reduced Rainwater Runoff – Vegetated roofs retain rainwater runoff, reducing demand on local stormwater systems.
  • Indoor Bike Parking – The new pavilion includes indoor bike racks.
  • Green Vehicle Parking – The underground garage has preferred parking spaces and charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Explore the Timeline

Explore the Timeline

Explore a Timeline of Progress in Healthcare and the Mid-Hudson Valley From 1887 to the new patient pavilion. Vassar has a proud legacy of serving patients and the community for generations.