Stop the Bleed

Hemorrhage is the second-leading cause of trauma death (after brain injury). It is responsible for 30 % of trauma mortality. Of these deaths, one-third to one-half occur during the prehospital period. Help offered by bystanders can often make the difference between life and death.

The Bleeding Control Organization is an initiative started by the American College of Surgeons and the Hartford Consensus that presents diagrams, news, video and other resources contributed by a variety of private and nonprofit partners. The program is designed to help prepare the public in the event you are a bystander at the scene of an active shooter, explosion or other scene where there are victims of uncontrolled bleeding. The goal is “to provide you with a one-stop, online resource to credible information on bleeding control. We hope you will never need to use this information, but if you do, at least you will have the assurance that the information is credible and timely.”

You can help by joining or organizing a class as part of the Bleeding Control Organization’s ‘Stop the Bleed’ campaign. Class content is based on advances made in military medicine and research in hemorrhage control during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Contact to schedule a class for your group.

Content sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control