HQMP Pediatrics

Excellent care for our littlest patients

You want to take good care of your little one. So do we. It all begins with developing a relationship with a pediatrician at Health Quest Medical Practice (HQMP), now part of Nuvance Health. Establishing an early relationship with a pediatrician is one of the best decisions parents can make for their children. At HQMP Pediatrics, your child’s pediatrician will:

  • Get to know you and your child
  • Provide regular checkups (wellness visits)
  • Conduct developmental assessments to discover any areas of concern and initiate early intervention as necessary
  • Keep your child on track for necessary vaccinations
  • Provide parental education
  • Act as a trusted advisor as your child grows into adulthood

Sick? Allergies? Aches or pains?
If your child doesn’t feel well between wellness visits, no worries! We’re here for you and we’ll do our best to provide same day care. Your pediatrician will be your partner as your child grows. Whether your child is fighting the common cold, wrestling with allergies, having difficulty in school, or suffering an ache or pain, his or her HQMP pediatrician will be the friendly, reassuring provider who delivers compassionate care, through every stage of childhood.

Part of the Family
You now have access to seven hospitals across two states for an even higher level of care — whenever and wherever you need it. That’s because HQMP is part of Nuvance Health, one of the largest healthcare systems in New York and Western Connecticut. That’s good news for you and your little one! And, our HQMP pediatricians are part of your community. We can meet your child’s healthcare needs right in your neighborhood, where we know you best.