The Patient Pavilion at
Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Enhancing how healthcare is experienced

This extraordinary 752,000-square-foot addition to our campus – funded in part by the generosity of the community – allows us to dramatically enhance how healthcare is experienced here. With its distinctive shape that follows the aesthetic of the Hudson River, the new patient pavilion adds an eight-level addition to the existing Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie.

This addition features amenities that provide the caliber of healthcare and the environment expected by sophisticated modern-day patients and their families.

The spacious building includes:

  • 264 private rooms on four floors.
  • A 30-room Intensive Care Unit.
  • 13 advanced surgical suites.
  • An emergency and trauma center with 66 exam rooms and ample parking for ambulances and the public.
  • A flexible conference center that accommodates up to 300 people for use by the public and service groups.
  • A 220-seat cafeteria with outdoor dining.
  • Green roofs to assist in water management and patient views.
  • A rooftop helicopter landing pad.

We are immensely grateful to the donors whose generous gifts helped make this vision a reality. Please consider making a gift of your own in support of this important expansion of care to our community.


From the time you enter at any entrance, you will find a well-appointed, advanced medical facility. Starting at the Main Lobby and the Concierge Desk and further in, no detail has been left to chance. A few features of the ground floors that are key to serving our visitors are: four dedicated visitor elevators that run from the underground parking lot to the patient floors. A designated Meditation Room, Gift Shop and access to an Outdoor Public Terrace and a two-level open atrium that overlooks the Hudson River. Beyond the Main Lobby, there is a footbridge over Livingston Street that connects to the Emergency and Trauma Center.

Located along the main concourse is the O’Shea Conference Center, which is designed as a combination medical conference center, lecture hall, public events space and staff auditorium. It can accommodate up to 300 people and includes a reception area for pre- and post-event gatherings.

Farther along the concourse is the 220-seat Panichi Family Cafe, which includes stations for hot food and sandwiches, a pizza oven, a soup and salad bar, and a coffee and espresso bar. It also has access to the Public Terrace, which offers outdoor dining, exterior seating and paths to stroll during warm weather. Every design element keeps patient care and healing in mind.

Emergency and Trauma Center


The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Emergency Department on the first floor of the southern end of the pavilion is nearly 58,000 square feet. It has its own entrance and spacious lobby. Inside, there are 66 exam and treatment rooms, including 3 trauma rooms and a pediatric-friendly area. The six nursing stations are built to ensure caregivers have direct access to patients and are equipped with a pneumatic tube system to swiftly transport medications, among other things. An ambulance garage with high-speed rolling doors is the entrance for emergency services providers. In addition – and a first for the region – there is a helicopter landing pad on the roof that allows for high-speed elevator access to the trauma center.



On the southern end of the pavilion on the second floor, just above the emergency and trauma center, is a 72,000-square-foot, 30-bed Intensive Care Unit, or ICU. A double-door entry way into each room offers easy access. The rooms are strategically designed to increase visibility and access to care for our sickest patients. Placing the patient in the center of the room adds flexibility by freeing the bed from the wall. Articulated booms on each side allow for easy connection to critical medical equipment and patient monitoring. Each room has a bathroom, internal blinds for privacy and expansive views of the City of Poughkeepsie to the east and the Hudson River to the west.


Surgical Center

On the north end of the second floor is the surgical center, a network of 13 surgical suites equipped to serve different functions, including heart, brain, spine, knee and hip surgeries. There are two robotic operating suites and a hybrid suite for specialty cases. Also included in the surgical center is a Post-Anesthesia Care Unit with 24 bays and a pre- and post-operative area with 38 rooms. This area is accessible from a first-floor waiting room, so you can greet your loved one after their surgery.


Acute Care Floors

The beautiful river and garden views of the Poughkeepsie area are unparalleled on floors 4 through 7. These floors feature a total of 264 spacious, all-private rooms with bathrooms equipped with walk-in showers. The rooms offer a peaceful and serene atmosphere that intentionally includes patients’ loved ones to help support healing and recovery. Each floor has a different color scheme and a beautiful floor-to-ceiling mosaic near the public elevators to help you easily identify your location. Beyond the elevators facing the Hudson River are spacious well-appointed visitor lounges.


What you need to know before visiting Vassar Brothers Medical Center


New Cafeteria
Hours: Monday-Friday, 6:30 am to 8 pm; Weekends and Holidays, 6:30 am to 6:30 pm

Maternal Child Health

Patients enter legacy lobby

Parking (Visitors)

  • Livingston Street Garage, Levels 1 and 2 are reserved for visitors
  • Emergency Department parking available in lot outside of ED
  • The new pavilion and ED have drop-off circles at entrance
  • Valet parking is available at the new pavilion main lobby
  • Valet hours of operation: 5 am to 8 pm at new pavilion main lobby; 6 am to 8 pm legacy lobby.

Building Designations

  • Building A
    • New pavilion
    • New acute care floors
    • Intensive care
    • Emergency Department
    • Surgical Services (Delayed)
  • Building B
    • Legacy hospital
    • Outpatient services
    • Maternal Child Health
    • Radiology
    • Procedural Lab
  • Building C
    • The Dyson Center for Cancer Care
  • Building D
    • 1 Columbia
  • Building E
    • Center for Ambulatory Services (VASC) – 21 Reade