The Birthing Suites at Sharon Hospital

Making your birthing experience as individual as you are.

Having a baby is a unique experience for every mother. When it comes to where you’ll have your baby, we know you have a choice. The Birthing Suites at Sharon Hospital is committed to supporting you and your partner as you experience the miracle of life. Childbirth is personal and that is why the comfort and privacy offered by our birthing suites is something our mothers return to from first baby to last.

Your team of highly skilled physicians, registered nurses and certified lactation consultants strive to provide the very best for you and your new family. Personalized care, a family centered approach, along with our spacious private birthing suites, provide a memorable experience for the birth of your baby.

We tailor our care to suit your medical needs and personal choice about the degree of intervention you prefer. During your stay, we will assist you with labor support, pain management, postpartum and new baby care.

Schedule a Tour or Join a Class

  • Live Virtual Tour: Recommend for anyone considering delivery at Sharon Hospital. Personalized Zoom meeting lasting approximately 15 minutes.
  • Virtual 360 Tour: We offer a Virtual Tour of the birthing suites. Click here to start the tour.
  • Virtual Childbirth Education: Recommended for expectant mothers and their partners preparing for the birth of their child. The class is approximately two to three hours. Cost is $20 per couple. 2020 Dates: July 11, August 8, September 19, October 3, November 14 and December 12 at 10 am.
  • Virtual Cesarean Birth Preparation: Recommended for expectant mothers and their partners who are preparing for a cesarean delivery. The class is approximately one hour.
  • Virtual Breastfeeding Preparation: Recommended for expectant mothers and their partners who are planning to breastfeed their newborn. The class is approximately one hour.
  • Virtual Breastfeeding Support Group: Recommended for all breastfeeding mothers with children up to one year of age. This group meets weekly for approximately one hour.
  • Digital Baby Basics: Covers the basics of newborn care including: Baby Care; Normal Newborn Appearance; Swaddling and soothing your infant; Shaken Baby Syndrome; Breastfeeding, Bottle feeding; Safe Sleep; Car Seats; & When to call your doctor. Held monthly and lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • Prenatal Lunch Bunch: ongoing prenatal support group for expectant women. Have questions about your pregnancy, upcoming hospital stay or just want to meet the staff at the Birthing Suites? Stop by every Thursday from 12-1pm on Zoom to get your questions answered by a member of the staff!  Go to and enter Meeting ID: 919 8228 2865 Passcode: 943457

For more information, schedule a tour or attend a class, please call the Birthing Suites at Sharon Hospital at (860) 364-4124 or email


The Birthing Suites were recently recognized as a leader in Hepatitis B vaccinations to protect newborns. The Immunization Action Coalition’s (IAC) Birth Dose Honor Roll acknowledges hospital’s that follow the national standard of care by administering the vaccine prior to discharge to prevent/limit perinatal transmission of this virus. The first dose of this vaccine (“birth dose”) is a key preventive measure to safeguard newborns from contracting the hepatitis B virus, which is known to cause chronic liver disease.

Why Choose Us

Privacy, Security and Comfort, Close to Home
Each Sharon Hospital birthing suite is private and spacious for your comfort during labor, delivery and postpartum. We support your choice of no or low intervention childbirth, with the reassurance of knowing you are in a hospital where pain management and anesthesia are available. Our highly experienced childbirth educators, birthing team and outpatient support program will help you before, during and after birth.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Support

  • Childbirth education classes
  • Antenatal breastfeeding classes
  • Breastfeeding and new mom support group
  • Infant massage, baby signing, and nutrition classes
  • Yoga during pregnancy
  • Non-stress testing and ultrasound
  • Our individual Birthing Suites feature
  • Private, spacious labor, delivery, postpartum suites
  • Newborn security system
  • Central fetal monitoring and telemetry
  • Anesthesia offered for pain management
  • Birth registrar and notary services on site
  • Complimentary celebration dinner before you take your new baby home
  • Daily meals for you and your partner
  • Private refrigerator in each room

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